Stucco and Roof Defect Attorney: Over $2.5 million recovered
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As has been widely reported, defective stucco installation is an epidemic in the Delaware Valley.  The losses a homeowner can sustain from a defectively installed stucco, brick, or siding system – “building envelope” – or roof system can be devastating.   Wally Zimolong has recovered over $2.5 million for homeowners, homeowners and condominium associations, and subcontractors involved with stucco defect litigation.  Examples of Wally’s success in this area include the following settlements:


$300,000 settlement for defective fiberglass roofs and stucco in Roxborough. This case involved a four unit luxury townhome development in Roxborough. Each home had a fiberglass roof deck. The fiberglass roof decking acted as the roof cladding as well. This application is not recognized by industry standards. The homes leaked profusely.


$132,000 settlement for defective fiberglass roof and stucco in Graduate Hospital.  This case involved a newly constructed townhome in the City’s Graduate Hospital area. The home had a stucco façade and a fiberglass roof. The home experienced leaks from the outset. The developer refused to correct the leaks and honor the warrant. We oversaw a full remediation of the home and commenced litigation.


Six figure settlement for 50+ apartment complex in Philadelphia.  This four (4) story 20,000 square feet apartment building was clad with stucco and brick.  The property was under agreement for approximately $12,000,000 when defects in the brick façade and stucco were discovered by the potential buyer.  This caused the buyer to back out of the deal.  Before the start of any extension discovery, the defendants agreed to confidential settlement.


$425,000 settlement for 10 Unit Complex in Fishtown. This ten unit development had severe stucco defects on the front and rear facades.  The roofs also leaked.  In addition to recovering payment for the damaged homeowners, the developers agreed to pay attorneys and costs of nearly $100,000.


$466,000 settlement for HOA of 100 Unit Complex in South Philadelphia.  This multi-unit development contained severe stucco defects that had caused the plywood sheathing to completely rot away.


$86,000 settlement for owners of 3 story luxury town home in South Philadelphia.  The front and rear facades of this home were clad in stucco.  The leaks were so severe that mushrooms grew on the interior window sills.  Case settled for $86,000.


$22,000 settlement for owners of single family home in Bensalem, PA.  Unlike many of the defect cases we see, this home was clad with vinyl siding.  Home with vinyl siding can be just as prone to water infiltration than home clad with stucco.  However, vinyl sided homes can sometimes be “spot remediated” without removing the entire facade.  Case settled for $22,000.


$539,920.71 consent judgment for owners of single family home in Cherry Hill, NJ.  Unlike some stucco defect cases where the true extent of the damage lay hidden, the stucco on this home was so defective that it began to ripple in a wave like fashion.  A few days before trial, the defendants agreed to a consent judgment in the amount of $539,920.71.


$550,000 settlement for stucco remediation contractor. In this case, a stucco remediation contractor engaged Wally to recover money owned to it by the national home builder K. Hovnanian Homes.  The client had remediated the defective stucco work performed by another contractor and then was not paid by Hovnanian.   The builder tried to claim that the client’s remediation work was also defective.  These claims were completely refuted and the case settled before trial.