When you perform work on a project owned by a federal, state, or local government you are working under a different set of rules, literally.  Certain laws, rules, and regulations apply only to construction of public (government owned) projects.  Even innocent mistakes by a contractor on a public project can have dire consequences. We can assist you on issues arising from public construction contracts from the time of bidding through completion.  Our recent and notable

Prosecuting Claim Against PennDOT.  In October 2015, Wally Zimolong was retained to bring a claim against the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for “unforeseen conditions.”  The claim alleges that PennDOT intentional misrepresented that the contractor could expect to encounter certain conditions on a bridge painting project.  The litigation is ongoing.

Defending Claims Brought By Department of Labor.  In 2015, Wally Zimolong was retained by several different contractors to defend them in claims brought by the Department of Labor, Office of Federal Contract Compliance.  All of the claims were amicably resolved on favorable terms for the clients.

Defending Against Davis-Bacon Act Violation.  In July 2012, Wally Zimolong was retained to defend a contractor performing work for the Philadelphia Housing Authority in a claim that it failed to pay prevailing wages.  Wally was able to show that under the terms of the client’s collective bargaining agreement, it was permitted to employ apprentices on certain jobs and the contractor had paid the apprentices the wages required under the terms of the CBA.  The case was dropped and the client received full payment from the Authority.

Prosecuting Claim Against State of New Jersey.  In 2005, Wally Zimolong was retained to bring a claim against the State of New Jersey for several million dollars in unpaid change orders.  On motion for summary judgment, the state court award his client entitlement to payment for several of the change orders.