Wally supports the ideals of free enterprise, individual constitutional freedom, and private property rights. He has appeared on Fox 29, WPHT 1210 AM, and 990 AM WNTP to discuss increasing government encroachment on individual liberty. He has authored articles concerning economic rights that have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Philadelphia Daily News. He has served as local counsel to national public interest groups that promote constitutional freedoms.

Examples of his successes challenging the government’s infringement on individual liberties include:

Beating City Hall. In May 2016, Wally Zimolong obtained a landmark jury verdict in Federal Court and obtained a judgment against a sitting Philadelphia City Councilmember for violating the First Amendment rights of a real estate developer.

Suspension of High Level Federal Official.  In August 2015, Wally Zimolong conducted an investigation into the illegal conflict of interests of the head of the National Labor Relations Board Region 4.  His investigation led to an investigation by the National Labor Relations Board Inspector General’s Office, which in turn led to the suspension of the official for a period of 30 days.

$100,000 settlement for real estate developer:  In December 2013, Wally Zimolong obtained judgment against the City of Philadelphia in Federal Court after the City demolished his clients property in violation of his 14th Amendment Due Process Rights.  The damage portion of the case settled for $100,000 including payment of our client’s attorneys fees.

Settlement for Violation of First Amendment:  In a case that garnered international media attention, Wally Zimolong represented a Philadelphia High School student who was forcibly removed from class for wearing a t-shirt supporting the campaign of Mitt Romney.  He sued the Philadelphia School District in Federal Court.  Soon thereafter, the school district agreed to a settlement and payment of all of his client’s attorneys fees.

Successful Defense of Property Forfeiture Action:  Wally represented the owner of a building and liquor license in a civil asset forfeiture cased brought by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The government sought to seize the owner’s real estate and liquor license under the Commonwealth’s controlled substances civil asset forfeiture law. The owner was never charged with any criminal activity. After a bench trial, the Judge ruled in favor of our client and dismissed the government’s asset forfeiture case. Statistics show that only 4% of asset forfeiture cases are successfully defended.  The case was featured on Reason.com.

If you feel you are the subject of government has violated your economic or individual rights, please contact Wally Zimolong at wally@zimolonglaw.com or call him at (215) 665-0842