Each construction project you undertake is uniquely challenging. The issues you face begin before the first shovel is in the ground and continue after final payment is made and received. We have guided owners, contractors, and subcontractors through the challenges of a construction project on hundreds of projects, including the construction of stadiums, hospitals, schools, government buildings, apartment buildings, and condominiums. Our recent and notable cases include the following:

Prosecuting Claim Against Construction Manager.  In May 2016, Wally Zimolong was engaged to bring a claim against a New York based construction manager on a project owned by a University in Princeton.

Defending a Developer. In April 2016, Wally Zimolong was engaged to defend a real estate developer in an action brought by general contractor and a subcontractor.  His initial motion has resulted in portions of one of the cases being stricken.

Defending a General Contractor.  In December 2013, Wally Zimolong was engaged to defend a general contractor and 5 of its executives in a claim brought by a mosque.  His initial motion to dismiss resulted in a dismissal of all of the claims against the individual executives.

Prosecuting Claims for a Bank.   In May 2013, Wally Zimolong was engaged by a publicly traded bank to prosecute claims for receivables owed to a construction firm that had defaulted on its loan to the bank.  He successfully recovered over $500,000 in receivables for his banking client.

Prosecuting a Claim Against a National Homebuilder.   In September 2012, Wally Zimolong was engaged by a stucco contractor to bring a claim against a publicly traded home builder.  On the eve of trial, the case resulted in payment to his client in excess of $500,000.