As part of our client’s work on government construction projects, we are called upon to assist our clients in resolving disputes

Prosecuting Claim against Philadelphia Gas Works.  In April 2016, Wally Zimolong was engaged to bring a claim against the Philadelphia Gas Works that seeks to invalidate PGW’s procurment methods that violate Pennsylvania law regarding open and competitive bidding.

Defending Bid Protest Brought by Highest Bidder.  In January 2016, Wally Zimolong was engaged to defend the interest of the second lowest bidder on a project being procured by the City of Trenton.  The low bidder brought to suit in New Jersey state court after the municipal authority declared its bid invalid and awarded the contract to Wally’s client.  After  half-day of hearings, the state court upheld the municipal authority’s decision and sustained the award of the contract to his client.