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Zimolong LLC has represented state and federal candidates and committees in precedent setting election law related litigation, including:


Jim Bognet v. Luzerne County Board of Elections. Engaged by the NRCC to bring an emergency petition for declaratory and injunctive relief on behalf of United States Congressional candidate Jim Bognet and Bognet for Congress to force the Luzerne County Board of Elections to perform their statutorily required duty to perform voter roll reconciliation and provide the number of people who voted in each precinct compared with the number of votes counted in each precinct. After weeks of unwillingness to perform their duty, upon filing of the petition the county provided the campaign with the information the very next day.


Elkin, et. al. v. The City of Philadelphia Commissioners, et. al. Counsel to State Representative Seth Grove (R-PA-196) and State Representative Martina White (R-PA-170) in litigation against the City of Philadelphia’s decision to remove a process that caught double votes. Litigation led to the city’s resumption of the practice.


Romine, et. al. v. Chester County Board of ElectionsLead counsel in case against board of elections to secure mailed and absentee ballot drop boxes. Litigation led to implementation of the most stringent drop box security measures in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


Toth, et. al. v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Co-lead counsel to group of plaintiffs in action seeking a preliminary injunction against use of judicially created Congressional map.


McLinko v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Lead counsel to plaintiff in action that declared no-excuse mailed voting (Act 77) unconstitutional under the Pennsylvania Constitution.