Election Day Operations, Ballot Security, Post-Election/Recounts - Zimolong Law
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Zimolong LLC represents state and federal candidates for office and state and national political parties on a full range of election day operation, including assembling a full Election Day Operations plan and monitor activity that would change or disrupt the election environment including changes to election dates, voter registration, mail balloting, early voting, in-person voting, ballot processing, ballot counting, voting machine testing, voting machine usage, ballot storage, post-election canvassing and recounts, develop training materials for staff and volunteers, and managing post-election political and legal efforts in coordination with the campaign.


Zimolong LLC has worked with the following campaigns and committees:


Doctor Oz for Senate – hired by the campaign on primary election night to assemble, oversee, and execute the post-election and recount effort. Doctor Oz won the race by 951 votes and went on to be the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate.


Jim Bognet for Congress – hired by the campaign the day after the general election to manage post-election effort in Luzerne County related to the widespread paper shortage issue in the 2022 general election.


Pennsylvania House Republican Campaign Committee – hired by the HRCC to assist in monitoring specific races in Luzerne County as it related to the widespread paper shortage issue in the 2022 general election.


Illinois Republican Party – assisted in the drafting of the statewide Election Day Operations plan including staffing and budget. Responsible for overseeing the recruitment and training of poll watchers and attorneys across Illinois.


Republican National Committee – engaged by the RNC to oversee attorney recruitment and placement throughout Pennsylvania to prepare for the mail ballot canvasses and adjudications. Managed statewide war room on election day and oversaw deployment of lawyers from throughout the country to Pennsylvania.