Wally Zimolong Obtains $86,000 Settlement for Stucco Defects

Wally Zimolong, Esquire, founder of Zimolong, LLC, announced today that he had obtained an $86,000 settlement from a real estate developer and its real estate broker over claims that they built and sold a home that leaked because of defective stucco.

Two homeowners, a husband and wife, brought the case in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.  The case involved the purchase of a new luxury townhome in Philadelphia.  The townhome experienced leaks because of defective stucco.  The defective stucco was so severe that they caused mushroom growth in the homeowners’ window sills. The homeowners also alleged that the home had a green roof that they never approved and was installed in an incorrect manner, which contributed to the leaking.  The developer eventually refused to attempt to repair the leaks.

Zimolong, LLC engaged a forensic account, Dan Pike, CPA, of the accounting firm Cantor Novak Beaver & Pike, P.C. to review the developer’s bank accounts and tax returns. The analysis revealed that there was a basis to hold the developer entity’s sole owner personally liable for the defective construction.  Ralph Clapp, AIA of Arcon Consulting acted as the plaintiff’s construction defect expert.  Jeff Lappin served as Zimolong’s green roof expert.

“We are very pleased with the settlement,” Zimolong said.  “Sadly, it is all too common for unscrupulous developers to cut corners during construction, deliver a defect product, and then try to leave the homeowner holding the bag.”

Wally Zimolong, Esquire is a trial lawyer who represents individuals and companies in construction matters. Wally has been named one of Super Lawyer Magazine’s “rising stars” for 5 consecutive years. He has successfully litigated hundreds of construction related cases and has counseled clients nationwide on developing and constructing highways, multifamily apartment buildings, professional and collegiate sports stadiums, schools, and uniform planned communities.

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