The Better Late Than Never – 2016 Year in Review

Better late than never I suppose.  But 2016 marked a year of tremendous professional growth with a string a victories for my clients.  Here is a recap of some of the successes I am most proud of achieving for my clients.

Bid Protest Litigation #1.  In March 2016, my client was the second low bidder on a project being awarded by the City of Trenton.  The City disqualified the low bidder, who filed suit challenging the City’s decision to award the contract to my client.  After a day long hearing, the Court sided with my client and upheld the City’s decision to award the contract to my client.

Ori v. Kenyatta.  In May 2016, I obtained a landmark jury verdict in United States Federal District Court on behalf of real estate developer Ori Feibush in his claim against Philadelphia City Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson for violation of his First Amendment rights.  The case received wide spread media attention and news of the decision was on the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Bid Protest Litigation #2.  In June 2016, I was back in Court in New Jersey on another bid protest.  This time my client was the second low bidder on a project owned by the Cinnaminson Sewer Authority and was challenging the Authority’s decision to award the contract to the low bidder. I raised a challenge to the award based on the low bidder’s failure to follow all of the technical aspects of the New Jersey Local Public Contracts Law.  The Court agreed and enjoined the award of the contract to the low bidder.  As a result, the Authority awarded the over $4 million contract to my client.

$96,000 in cash returned.  In July 2016, at the request of a public interest law firm based in Washington, D.C., I interviewed on behalf of an individual who had $96,000 in cash seized by the Drug Enforcement Agency at Philadelphia International Airport.  The DEA seized the money before my client bordered a domestic flight.  Afterwards, the Department of Justice started a suit to permanently confiscate the cash.  Within three weeks of me getting involved the DOJ agreed to return 100% of my client’s money.

Feibush v. Nesmith.  I ended the year back in Court for Ori Feibush in a breach of contract claim against Democratic Ward Leader Ed Nesmith. After a week long trial, a Philadelphia jury returned a verdict in Ori’s favor and awarded him $60,000 in damages.


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